Food for Thought book in bookstores

  • cooking
  • philosophy

During the shoot of the Food for Thought TV series our 7 students and 7 philosophers were joined by writer/philosopher Jeroen Hopster who created the book Food for Thought, a philosophy-cookbook. The book is now available in bookstores.

Each chapter of the book Food for Thought focuses on one philosophical perspective that helps us find answers to crucial life questions: timeless questions that we can endlessly ruminate on, but that are more pressing than ever.

The book presents in a very accessible way the insights gained from the conversations, reflections, and the cooking which took place in France. It is printed in a compact and colourful edition which is fully illustrated. It also includes all the recipes of the dinners prepared throughout the TV Series. A must-have.

The TV series is scheduled to launch in 2019. 

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