Super Jews / Superjoden van Ajax

  • Football
  • Identity
  • Judaism
  • Soccer

Super Jews is about Ajax fans, many of whom call themselves 'Super Jews' , and the story of an Israeli immigrant, filmmaker Nirit Peled.

Many Ajax soccer fans call themselves Super Jews, they wave Israeli flags, wear the star of David on their jackets and chant 'Have Nagila Have.' It puzzled filmmaker Peled, who is Jewish and was born in Tel Aviv. What on earth are they doing with her flag and her song? In this documentary Peled goes on a quest to find the Super Jew. She comes into contact with a mixed group of characters before ultimately coming into direct confrontation with herself.

The heart of the film is the Ajax stadium, where the filmmaker takes different viewpoints from different seats. Identity is a question of perspective.

Super Jews (2013) is a co-production between Viewpoint Productions, NTR Television and the Dutch Cultural Media Fund.

Written by Nirit Peled and Tamara Vuurmans. Directed by Nirit Peled.