Sunny Side of Sex

  • body image
  • femininity
  • Sexuality

Are we as liberal about female sexuality as we think? Philosopher/Filmmaker Sunny Bergman travels to Uganda, China, India and Cuba to compare attitudes about sex, love, femininity and body image. The series Sunny Side of Sex explores images of femininity and feminine sexuality in a cross cultural and cross religious context.

The series is a personal quest of filmmaker Sunny Bergman for diversity in experiencing female sensuality in Uganda, India, Cuba and China. She goes to places where sex is a religious experience, where long labia are beautiful, where marriage is considered dis-harmonizing to family life, and where the lack of commercial images provoke long lasting sexual attraction. In the series Bergman looks to broaden her sexual horizon, to put her western presumptions off balance and to create room for new ideas on sexuality and femininity.

In Uganda Sunny receives sex lessons from 'sex aunt' Brenda who instructs girls in the pleasures of sex.

In the Himalayas, on the border between China and Tibet, Sunny meets Mosuo women who choose romance over marriage.

In Cuba where no advertising is allowed, personal sexual advertising is most popular for every age and size.

And in India, home of the Kama Sutra, sex becomes a religious experience.

A co-production between Viewpoint Productions, VPRO Television and Oxfam Novib.

Written by Sunny Bergman and Tamara Vuurmans. Directed by Sunny Bergman.