Stories from Lakka Beach

  • Sierra Leone
  • Tourism

In post-conflict Sierra Leone life continues on the once touristic but now deserted heavenly beaches of small town Lakka.

Lakka Beach, a picturesque village in Sierra Leone, was originally a fisherman’s village. Having one of the finest beaches of Africa, Lakka developed into the epicenter of West African tourism. Ravaged by the civil war, Lakka Beach’s tourist industry came to a stand still, but village life flourishes among the vestiges of the once popular beach resort. A carver, a local politician, a fisherman, the owner of a beach club and a budding rap singer are inevitably linked to each other but their view of the past and future are profoundly different. They share sometimes gripping and other times moving experiences that reveals  a deep connection to the land, the sea, God, hope, war, love and community. In Lakka Beach tradition and modernity fuse resulting in a fresh look at the worn torn country.

Director Daan Veldhuizen's photography and editing captures the rhythm of the place and sea and he won the American Cinematographer Magazine Award for Best Cinematography at the Salem Film Fest.