Living with Van Gogh

  • Art
  • contemporary history

Several people in the southern Dutch city of Breda have artwork signed by non other than Vincent van Gogh. But are these paintings the real thing? 

Like lottery ticket holders when the lottery keeps getting postponed or contested, owners of supposed Van Goghs live in a constant state of tension, forever wondering if their property is the real thing. Many of Van Gogh’s earlier works disappeared in the southern Dutch city of Breda, and residents who bought canvasses signed 'Vincent' at the local junk market are convinced of their authenticity. Convincing the rest of the world is a more ambitious undertaking.

Living with Van Gogh (2005) is a co-production with Omroep Brabant and financed with support from the Dutch Cultural Broadcasting production Promotion Fund and ACCU-Breda.

Written and directed by Jeroen Neus.