L.A. Raeven

  • Art

For artist twins L.A. Raeven life and work are intrinsically intertwined. The 38-year-olds have lived and worked together their entire lives. This documentary takes us where their imagination and reality collide and coalesce.

In L.A. Raeven - Beyond the Image (2010) filmmaker Lisa Boerstra showcases the development of new works of art: the artists play around in the aroma factory, they carefully cover the floor of their studio with eggshells, and they synchronically dine, each hypnotized by the other's eating speed.'We had the deal that we'de eat the exact same thing , otherwise it would be hopeless and one would want to lose more weight than the other.'

The film follows the twins during a crucial period in which it gradually becomes clear that their relationship will have to change because of individual choices. Art and life fight for precedence. Who will choose: work or reality, the individual or her twin sister?

L.A. Raeven is a co-production between Viewpoint Productions, NTR Television and the Dutch Cultural Media Fund.

Written en directed by Lisa Boerstra.