In Groove We Trust: A Joe Bowie Experience

  • Buddhism
  • Jazz funk
  • Joe Bowie

The documentary In Groove We Trust (2014) is a cinematic expression of the musical spirit of Joseph Bowie: the foreman, singer and trombone player of Defunkt, the eccentric, highly influential New York based hard-core jazz-funk band from the 80s.

Starting off as a regular music documentary with a lot of live music this film appears to be a search for the definition of 'groove'. The story line takes many surprising twists and therewith passes along many aspects of Bowie's inspiration, his character and his musical ambitions. While themes like heroin addiction, racism, personal responsibility, Buddhism and commercialism in music come along in often humorous scenes, Bowie is shown as a man of great contrasts. Joseph Bowie is in his sixties now.

A coproduction between Viewpoint Productions and the Buddhist Broadcasting Foundation, with the support of the Dutch Cultural Media Fund.

Written and directed by Robin van Erven Dorens.