The Canta Dances!

  • Canta
  • Dance
  • mobility
  • Transmedia

The little red Canta, it appears in your life when you suffer from difficult physical limitations. But, with this little red car, you can get out once again and your freedom and independence is back.

Together with the National Ballet we see the Canta dance! The National Ballet comes out of its home at the Stopera with 30 trained dancers and joins 80 Cantas and their drivers with various levels of disabilites. Together they cooperate to create a new dance work that builds a bridge between bodies in top form and bodies with a handicap, between people from all layers of society, between high art of the Stopera and the Canta drive-in of Amsterdam North.

The National Canta Ballet project is composed of several parts. A ballet performance, a documentary series (4x35'), a book, internet, a film and a radio program. Each part has their own object. The dance performance took place in June 2012 in the Gashouder in the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam. In the run-up to the performance the documentary series aired on NRT Televison. The series follows the drivers and dancers as they confront their own body and its limitations and abilities as they prepare for the Canta Dances performance.

The National Canta Ballet has been made ​​possible thanks to the support of: the SNS REAAL Fund, the DOEN Foundation, the Media Fund, Westergasfabriek and Waaijenberg.

This project was set up and executed by Maartje Nevejan, Karin Spaink and Bert Kommerij.

Ballet choreographed by Ernst Meisner. Music by Scanner (Robin Rimbaud).