Between 2 Houses

  • Dance

A couple's relationship is put to the test when a stranger moves into the apartment of the absent neighbor next door. 

Between 2 Houses (2005) is a dance film about the conflict between what you see and what you think you see, or would like to see. An intense, physical and humoristic film about the bouncing back and forth between routine and sensation, between the familiar and the strange.

Oscar and Stella live together in an anonymous metropolis. Over the years, they’ve almost literally become one with each other. Their relationship gets put to the test when their neighbor takes off and entrusts them with his key. In his empty apartment, Oscar and Stella’s imaginations take hold of them, each in its own way. By entering into another world, they get in touch with their hidden longings, and the appearance of a mysterious stranger in the apartment serves as the catalyst. Oscar and Stella go through a temporary crisis that ultimately strengthens their connection. They move on with the realization that dreaming - just like sleeping or dying - is something you do on your own.

A coproduction between Viewpoint Productions, NPS Television, the Stimulation Fund Dutch Broadcasting Productions and the Dutch Film Fund.

Written and directed by Clara van Gool.