Among Horses and Men

  • Horses
  • Justice
  • Rehabilitation

Young inmates at the Northern Nevada Correctional Centre are in the last phase of a lengthy prison sentence and are given the chance to enter a new world; they have three months to tame a wild mustang and transform it into a reliable, trustworthy riding horse.

In Among Horses and Men (2010) we follow detainees Chris, Dean, Gilbert, Charles, Bo and Mike over the course of an intensive training during which the men see themselves reflected in the eyes of their horses. The men learn once again to win the trust of another living being, a skill that has slipped away during their time in prison.

Filmmaker Marjoleine Boonstra captures unique moments of emotion and trepidation of these ‘tough guys’ standing on the treshold of freedom.

Among Horses and Men is a co-production between Viewpoint Productions, IKON Television, the CoBo Fund and the Dutch Film Fund.

Written and directed by Marjoleine Boonstra.